Do you know that You are the most person that needs your time and attention? I know, I know, you are so busy taking care of everybody else, there just isn’t enough time to do anything for yourself.  In reality, if you are not at your best, you can not give to others.  The more you put your own needs on the back burner, the less effective you will in taking care of all of your other responsibilities.  I have put myself last over the last two decades.  Boy, has it caught up with me and I feel the consequences.  I have been pulled and stretched for so long and I want to desperately get myself together.  I have made up my mind that NOW is my time.

For the last two decades, I have been working, contributing to my household, taking care of the kids, the husband, the details behind the scenes on many assignments.  I have been busting butt to make sure that everybody has the best that I could give.  The job provided the stability I thought I needed.  While I know that I have done a good job taking care of my family and all the responsibilities of life, I have neglected myself on a deep level.  I am worthy of more love, more passion, more satisfaction.  I will be able to give more to others when my own needs are fulfilled.

I am ready to wake up and face the day with excitement in doing something that I love.  So, here I go.  On the journey to step out with a new focus.  I am creating my peace.  Setting goals and planning action steps.  I am a REAL woman with real issues too.  I have taken the time to become educated in Health and Wellness Coaching.  I am coaching myself and will share the journey with you.  Are you ready to start to take care of yourself?  Let’s do this together.  We deserve the best.  We don’t ever have to be alone.  In fact, we are never alone, we just sometimes have to learn to recognize the help right in front of us.  I am here to set the groundwork in creating a supportive community.  Join me!  We are worth the time and investment.