Did you know that most of us Superhero Women are responsible for the care and nurturing of others, including children, parents, work responsibilities, public responsibilities, etc. We look like we have everything together, but actually suffer with anxiety, stress, mental and physical issues that prevent us from living in full health and wellness.   Many of us have chronic illnesses like obesity, lack of energy, low libido and other stress related disorders.   As a result of diminished health concerns, we are not functioning at the top of our game. The quality of care and attention that we give to our responsibilities is not at the highest levels.

I work with women to help them identify their areas of imbalance in life. They have discovered areas that they gave focus to too much attention and areas that needed to be developed further. Through coaching, these women were able to visualize where they truly want to be in their life. Through the implementation of Self-Love and Self-Care practices, we regain balance and thrive in our responsibilities.

How many of you belong to a tribe of women that are going through the same things that you are? How many of you are scratching your head and looking around asking if you are the only one? We often don’t know who’s going through the same thing because we don’t talk about it. Well that’s holding you back. We must talk about it. We must open up to the world to claim what is happening with us so that we can benefit from the love and support of others.  As strong, independent women, we often don’t let anybody into our deepest experiences. We want to show the world that we can handle whatever comes out way and that we don’t need to rely on anyone else. The truth of the matter is that there is a blessing in sharing your story with someone else. Somebody needs you just as much as you need them. It is not weakness to raise your hand and ask for help. We suffer unnecessarily, hiding in isolation trying to figure it out alone. Trying to get it fixed Alone. Crying, stressed out, feeling it in your gut and having it show up in your body. All the while things are spiraling out of control. You know that life should be different. You want it to be different.

Sister talk to someone. Let’s talk together. Let’s hold each other up. Let’s lift each other up. Let’s solve it together. Let’s create a space of love, honor and trust. Yes, knowing that we are STRONG, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL women that can handle it. We can conquer it with a tribe. We need each other. We need to support each other. We need to listen to each other. We need to encourage each other. Life changes with the support of others. You’re never in this alone.

You wanna see changes in your life? You wanna feel the love and support of others with no judgment? Come over and join the Facebook group – Her Wellness, Her Way. BeGause of love it’s what we all need now. Do you have a tribe of women that understands you and understand what you’re going through? Let your answer be yes!