Today is the first day of Fall. It is important to note the change in seasons and understand how we need to be in sync with our environment.

Mother Nature, God, the Universe already has it planned out. Change is natural and constant. There is a time and season for everything. Each season has its own energy & purpose and they are designed in a cyclical nature that benefits our growth and development.

We should be in sync with nature to experience optimal well-being.  When our food intake and activities match the energetic properties of each season, our bodies will respond positively as we are line with what nature has intended for us.

Spring – is for youth, rejuvenation, awakening, awareness and expansion. It is a great time to focus on spirituality and develop your dreams.

Summer is for fun, freedom, friends, traveling, and exploration. We can take advantage of the long days of the season. Take a vacation – giving yourself a break from the seriousness and obligations of life.

Fall is a time for harvest, busyness, abundance, gathering and plenty. Traditionally we prepare for the winter and celebrate the bounty from what we planted in the spring.  It is a time to gather nature’s bounty to eat with gratitude and preserve for the coming cold months. Fall is the perfect time for learning new things and catching up with the relaxed responsibilities of the summer.  It is a time for grounding and putting down roots to last through the winter months.

Winter is an important time to slow down from the year, go inside both physically and introspectively for reflection, to regroup and reassess our priorities and goals for the new year. It is an essential period of hibernation that aids us in growth and development.

So getting back to FALL

There is change all around us.  The leaves turn to beautiful vibrant colors before falling to the ground. The sky is clear and blue. The air is cooler and more dry. There is a sense of clarity of vision in both the physical and spiritual realm of being.

It is the time of the Jewish New Year ~ Rosh Hashanna.  For all of us it is a prime time to make resolutions for the coming year.    It is beneficial for us to follow the tradition of Rosh Hashanna, by fasting and cleansing the mind and body of toxins and negative patterns that do not serve our higher goals.  We should remember the past and look critically at our lives: the good things we choose to nourish and pay attention to as well as the negative things, habits and behaviors we need to eliminate.

This is the most opportune time for us to re-evaluate our lives and create a strategy for moving forward.

It is important that we plan and are prepared for the upcoming Winter.  Each of us has to be equipped to handle the dark, cold winter and the challenges to come.  By focusing on our own mind, body and spirit first, we will be able to help our families and neighbors in their time of need.

Quarantine 15 Challenge

The Eudaimonia Center is facilitating the Quarantine 15 Challenge.  This is 8 Weeks to Optimal Health, Wellness and Healing.

Covid-19 has created the perfect storm for those who struggle to stay on course in their health journey. It is possible to maintain your ideal weight and even lose a few pounds during these uncertain times. In an effort to prepare you for 2021, we are using the integrative approach to walk you into the new year feeling empowered.

All women are invited to join in this challenge, whether you have general or specific health challenges.

Contact us today to sign up and schedule your 1 hour consultation with our team: obstetrician/gynecologist (who specializes in complex women’s health challenges), a health/wellness coach, a Violaviabtrational yoga instructor, a licensed acupuncturist, and a clinical herbalist.

Details in the link: optimal-health-challenge-registration-121555839789

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We will give attention and provide offerings in various areas, including:

  • Organizing your life
  • Practicing letting go
  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Cleanse/Detox for your body and your environment
  • Hydration
  • Breathing exercises.

There is a lot to share, so don’t miss out.

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